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Weeping Willow Farm

1265 Cherokee Dr. De Leon Springs, Fl 32130

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January 22, 2018

About us


Jay and I are originally from West Virginia and actually met here in Deland Florida. Jay is a graduate of Deland High School. I am a Graduate of Point Pleasant High, Point Pleasant WV. Jay's family moved to Florida when he was 4 and pretty much grew up in the city. I however am a coal miner's daughter and grew up on a farm in WV. We have a total of 8 children and 7 grandchildren.

We fostered children including special needs for 10 years which God blessed us when we added 5 of them to our family. Two are autistic and one is severely delayed. Fostering was an amazing time in our life. Many children passed through our home and blessed us. We especially liked working with autistic children. I had a saying that it was like unzipping them and letting the inner child come out. If fostering is something you have ever thought about follow your heart. There are so many children who need a loving home to be placed in while they are going through a frightening and troubling time of their life. If they are with you a day, week, month or a year you have the chance to forever touch and change their life.

We moved to De Leon Springs in 2012 and started our farm with a couple of Alpacas and fell in love. We had the opportunity to buy a herd Crystal Springs Alpacas from Ocala and then a herd St. Nicholas Ranch from WV. We do have some amazing genetics in our program. We have a son of the Famous Torbio and a a son of Balboa who is also the grandson of MacGyver. We have a female who is a daughter of Blessed Thunder. We have a descendant male Huacaya of Snowmass.

We recently started adding exotics along with other farm animals to our program. Originally started as a therapy and educational program for special needs children has ballooned into a sort of petting farm.